Bliss Flowers – Refund Policy


If you cancel your order once it has been placed we will offer a full refund back to your credit card minus a $15.00 administration charge. We are unable to offer a refund on the day of delivery as the flowers and gifts will already be on their way.


Please be careful when filling in your order form and make sure that the name and address is that of the recipient and not your own the sender, as we cannot be responsible for orders that are mistakenly addressed to yourself,and cannot refund in such cases, as the order will have been filled and delivered to yourself.

Also please be careful when ordering extras from the dropdown menus as we will have to deliver what you have ordered even if you have accidently ordered an item while browsing.

Please check your receipt carefully and email or ring us ASAP if you have made a mistake so we can alter it before it is made and delivered,after such time we cannot correct it.


Complaints must be made within 24 hours of delivery to Bliss Flowers on 8381 2935. We will work with the sender until we have a satisfactory outcome.
We cannot however, offer any form of refund if a complaint is received more than 24 hours after delivery.

All prices on our website include the appropriate taxes.


Bliss Flowers web-site is maintained daily and we ensure to the best of our ability that all prices are correct, on the rare occasion of a computer malfunction, we will manually adjust the price and email you of the price adjustment.