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Bliss Blog Entry | 29/11/2021

Beautiful peonies… need we say more? These treasures are definitely a fan favourite but they won’t be here for long!

Bliss Flowers Blog | 26/11/2021

We haven’t shown off our native Aussie wildflower arrangements for a while! These beauties will last so long and dry naturally - and look at the size of that king protea! Get in touch today to organise what we can do with your budget, or add our $68 box to your online cart now! Remember you can also order online for your local pick ups too xx

Bliss Blog Entry | 22/11/2021

Christmas is in full swing already! It’s been a difficult couple of years so anything that cheers people up sounds good to us. Have a look on our website or Instagram highlight ‘Christmas’ to see the arrangements and gift hampers we have been creating in readiness for December 🎅🏼

Bliss Blog Entry | 19/11/2021

Love these vibrant hydrangeas! Get in quick or call us so you don’t miss out! 🌸🤍

Bliss Blog Entry | 15/11/2021

Cannot believe this weather for November! We have had lots of wedding anniversaries recently but bet they were a lot warmer than what we’ve got this year! Congratulations to you lovely people. Today we have had a few deliveries to Hallett Cove, Marion, Seacombe Gardens and Flagstaff Hill. Also, it is an honour to provide the wreaths we made last week for Remembrance Day. Thank you to all the brave men and women who served our country.

Bliss Blog Entry | 12/11/2021

We have been unpacking heaps of giftware today and organising out Christmas gift display! Get your orders in, December is creeping up.

Bliss Blog Entry | 8/11/2021

Slowly adding more and more Christmas gifts and goodies around the shop in the weeks towards December! Come in and have a look around to see what we've got in store. We have been doing a lot of deliveries to Sheidow Park, Trott Park, Hallett Cove, Reynella and Hackham. We have just created an Instagram highlight that directly links some of our arrangements so you can now order online right from your Instagram app! Have a great week people, hope to see you soon.

Bliss Blog Entry | 29/10/2021

We have a few different arrangements for all occasions this week, a last minute wedding, a memorial and lots of birthdays!

Bliss Blog Entry | 25/10/2021

Trying to create some more Xmas gifts for you organised people!! We've been doing deliveries to Marino, Morphett Vale and Flagstaff Hill today. We love when you're home and we get to see the smile on your face receiving our flowers! Have a great week everyone xx

Bliss Blog Entry | 22/10/2021

More Christmas gift creations in store today! We have some naturally dried flowers in glass jars which are looking beautiful. Trying to keep the shop full of fresh blooms for you lovely people xx

Bliss Blog Entry | 18/10/2021

We've had a few orders for formal corsages picking back up for the end of year. Exciting times ahead! We also have a few florist choice orders going out today - thanks for your trust! We are picking out out best quality flowers for these boxes and bouquets. We've also had a few calls over the past week of customers expressing their appreciation for our flowers - thanks for the love xx

Bliss Blog Entry | 15/10/2021

Welcome back to our blog people! We have been gearing up for Christmas by creating lots of different gift ideas! This is a picture of the table we have cleared for our open-air terrariums including big jars and hanging glass pots. Find them 3 steps away from our front door on the right!

Bliss Blog Entry | 8/10/2021

End of year is nearing by the second! We are loving all the beautiful formal and wedding wrist corsages for the end of year celebrations. Deliveries today include Seacombe Gardens, Hallett Cove and Flagstaff Hill. Remember we can deliver to businesses too, it is always lovely to get a surprise at work!

Bliss Blog Entry | 5/10/2021

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! We had a nice Monday off rugged up at home, where is Spring?! Today we have new handmade soaps, bath bombs and candles all ready for you super organised people ready for Christmas! Deliveries today to Coromandel Valley, Flagstaff Hill and O'Halloran Hill are ready to be sent to you lovely people.

Bliss Blog Entry | 1/10/2021

Welcome to October! We have had lots of new spring flower and plant arrivals in the shop today, and lots of deliveries to congratulate new babies! We hope you have a wonderful long weekend and we will see you back on Tuesday.

Bliss Blog Entry | 27/9/2021

Today at Bliss Flowers we have done a wedding quote for a beautiful soft bohemian bouquet with rust and apricot coloured flowers. We have been delivering to Hallett Cove, Sheidow Park and Brighton as well as pricing up a lot more gifts and goodies for the shop!

Bliss Blog Entry | 24/9/2021

Everyone has been loving the pinks today! Pink orchids, chrysanthemums, lilies, you name it! We have been doing quite a few deliveries to Hallett Cove and Morphett Vale, plus keeping on top of the busy shop. We love seeing your faces (well... with masks on).

Bliss Blog Entry | 20/9/2021

Christmas is coming! It's down to double digits now... 96 days! We have created a gift car in the middle of our shop with a huge collection of bath products, candles and other giftware. Don't forget the Chocolatier Australia goodness behind the front desk either. It always help to be organised 😉

Bliss Blog Entry | 17/9/2021

This stunning white rose bridal bouquet is all ready for someone's special Sunday! We hope it is magical and are so glad to be a part of the day.

Bliss Blog Entry | 13/9/2021

Today we are already starting to create some designs for Valentine's Day next year! We have deliveries for Brighton, Somerton Park, Happy Valley and Sheidow Park. Have a great week everyone!

Bliss Blog Entry | 6/9/2021

Good morning Adelaide, we hope you all had a happy Father's Day filled with laughter. Thanks for your support this weekend and we hope your dad's enjoyed their gifts!! Today we have deliveries for Reynella, Morphett Vale, Sheidow Park and Meadows.

Bliss Blog Entry | 3/9/2021

Happy Spring! The warm weather yesterday was absolutely beautiful, we hope you made the most of it Adelaide. Today we have done deliveries to Morphett Vale, Glenelg North, and a local cemetery to place at a gravesite for a loving relative interstate. We are so happy we can do this for you.

Bliss Blog Entry | 30/8/2021

Today we have had so many deliveries to Flinders Medical Centre, wishing everyone a speedy recovery! As Interflora members, we have also sent orders through to Wallaroo SA and even over to the UK. The shop is slowly filling with lots of bright colours ready to be enjoyed by you.

Bliss Blog Entry | 27/8/2021

These beautiful large arrangements were delivered today to Morphett Vale among other orders! These were for a bright memorial service and a celebration of life. We also delivered to Seacliff Park and Brighton with lots more bouquets to make for the weekend and fill the shop back up!

Bliss Blog Entry | 23/8/2021

Chilly morning today! Hopefully we see some sunshine soon, although the crisp weather keeps our flowers fresh rather that using the cool room. Today we have deliveries to Woodcroft, Flagstaff Hill and Somerton Park. We've also had a few additions to today's order like wine & chocolate, what lucky recipients!

Bliss Blog Entry | 20/8/2021

Lots of birthdays today! We have had many pick ups to take to loved ones on their birthday and also a few corsages for a school formal tonight in Adelaide CBD. We have also done deliveries today for Flagstaff Hill, Happy Valley, O'Halloran Hill and Hackham.

Bliss Blog Entry | 16/8/2021

The engagement party on Saturday went beautifully. Rustic vases filled with blue gum, white roses and fluffy bunny tails. Today we are looking forward to getting more fresh arrangements out in the shop and deliveries down to Somerton Park, Daw Park, Sheidow Park and Hallett Cove.

Bliss Blog Entry | 13/8/2021

Fresh flowers from the market today! We are preparing for an engagement party in McLaren Vale for tomorrow, with beautiful ivory roses and rustic blue gum for greenery. We are delivering arrangements to Flagstaff Hill, Morphett Vale and Aberfoyle Park.